Zombie Hunt Through The Brewery

If you are still willing and able to help fight the hoards you will take a few minutes to hydrate and game plan with your team.  You will then head to the armory to be issued your weapons and tactical gear. With some last-minute intel your team will head into the brewery to assist in controlling the HOPocalypse. Once you’re in the brewery you have to be ready for anything.  The zombies have taken over and if you’re not careful they will send you to the pit of misery. Don’t be distracted by the fully operational brewery, stay alert and work with your team to clear the brewery of the zombie apocalypse. When your tour of duty is over turn your guns over to the next team.  Zombies seem to love beer and it will take many recruits and tours to secure the brewery. After your mission return to base and raise a glass to a job well done. Dilly Dilly.

*This attraction is only for ages 18+ OR ages 13+ with a parent (21+)

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